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Attention spans are short. We make every second count.

Founded in Madison, WI by Jared Lunde in mid-2008, LUNDE (Lund) has quickly solidified its role in both the creative industry and in the web development field. In October 2008, LUNDE found its first major client in the American Cancer Society and has collaborated with the nonprofit organization consistently for the past year.

The success of this studio has not been limited to large clients, as we have worked with clients within a wide array of budgets and industries.

“I could ramble on about how talented Jared Lunde is at programming and design, but like any other artist or dedicated professional, I believe it is best to let his work speak for itself. After engaging with Jared and similar vendors on countless large projects, however, I can honestly say there is one thing that truly… absolutely… unequivocally set him apart from the rest: the process..."

Frank O’Driscoll E-Revenue Project Manager
American Cancer Society - Eastern Division, Inc.
There is no such thing as a How To or DIY guide when it comes to logo design
Having been in the field now for a while, I’ve read a lot of opinions and guides on logo design. Do this, don’t do this, you need to have this. For the most part, it is all rubbish. As disappointing as it is to hear or say, some people just do not have it.
The user interface is an integral part of a website no matter what the purpose. My job as a web designer and developer is to figure out how to make a website navigable and easy to use whilst making it look professional. Read about what makes a good user interface and what questions you should be asking yourself when developing yours.